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Published Date: Saturday, 12 February 2022


EMU Chemistry Department, operating under the umbrella of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences and having the quality of being the only Chemistry Department in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), continues to stand out of the crowd in the world with its academic achievements in different areas. Making a statement on the subject, EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan stated that EMU Chemistry Department continues to contribute to science and education at the highest level with its qualified academic staff. Adding that EMU Chemistry Department continues its high-quality education and research with its undergraduate, graduate (BS, MS and PhD) and double major programs, Chemistry Department Chair Prof. Dr. İzzet Sakallı, on the other hand, stated that the academic staff of the Chemistry Department gathered the attention of the entire scientific community not only with their scientific publications, but also with the editorial and refereeing services they provided for world-renowned prestigious journals. In this context, Prof. Dr. Sakallı provided information about the scientific activities in which EMU Chemistry Department academic staff have been involved recently (between 2020-2022).
Department of Chemistry Vice Chair Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gazi
Having served on the editorial boards of a number of prestigious journals and as the review editor for the last two years, Prof. Dr. Gazi is primarily a member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Catalysis, to which he was appointed in 2021, and a member of the review editorial board in the field of Heterogeneous Catalysis ( Prof. Dr. Gazi also serves on the editorial board of the journal Agriculture and Environment, a journal of the University of Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, as the editor of the Environmental Chemistry sub-topic ( Whilst having served as the keynote speaker at the 6th International Conference on New Trends in Chemistry held in the TRNC in 2020 (, Prof. Dr. Gazi also contributed to 18 scientific articles in internationally indexed (SCI-SCIE) journals in 2 years. In this process, Prof. Dr. Gazi received excellent reviewer award from Publons, an organization of Web of Science, after having reviewed 56 articles as a referee on behalf of many SCI-SCIE indexed journals in 2021 ( In the "AD Scientific Index 2022" (Alper-Doger Scientific Index) Report, which is created by analyzing the annual, five-year and total values of the h-index and i10 index criteria, which evaluates the academic publication and citation performances of universities and scientists for the last five years based on Google Scholar data. Prof. Dr. Gazi he has been ranked 3rd throughout the TRNC as the best scientist in the field of Chemical Sciences and 1st in EMU (
Chemistry Department Academic Staff Member Prof. Dr. Huriye İcil
Having been evaluating the European Union projects in Organic, Photochemistry and Energy projects as an Expert Evaluator of the European Commission, Prof. Dr. İcil works in the fields of Organic Photochemistry and Photovoltaics. Prof. Dr. İcil successfully graduated two master's and two doctoral students between 2020-2021 and, during this process, she published two scientific articles with her students in one of the most respected journals in the field of Chemistry, Photochemistry and Photobiology Journal A: Chemistry (Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology) with an impact factor of 4.291 (Q2) affiliated with Elsevier publishing house. Prof. Dr. İcil was also on the review editorial board of the same journal in 2021. In 2020, participating as a keynote speaker at the "6th New Trends in International Chemistry" conference, Prof. Dr. İcil will attend the 7th International "New Trends in Chemistry" conference, which is planned to be held in May 2022, as a keynote speaker. Having successfully completed four TUBITAK 1001 projects before and holding 4 separate patents, Prof. Dr. İcil gave a seminar at EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2021 on “How to write an effective TUBITAK 1001 research project proposal. What is new?. In the 2nd R&D Project Market event in the Chemicals and Products Industry organized by the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association in 2012, Prof. Dr. İcil received the highest award beyond all categories with her "Red Fluorescence Signage Project" in the Paints and Adhesives category. Prof. Dr. İcil also received the "Success Stories" award for her successful achievements in the project at the 10th R&D Project Market event held in 2021.
Having served on the editorial boards of a number of prestigious publications and as a guest editor in the last two years, Assoc. Prof. Oladipo was appointed to the editorial board of the Environmental Technology Journal, one of the world's leading journals with an impact factor of 3,247 (Q2) and affiliated with Taylor & Francis publishing house, which provides the publication of a wide range of science and technology articles on applied environmental research ( Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oladipo is a guest editor for a special issue of the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology (3.65, Q2), which is also a leader in the fields of high-impact nanomaterials and applied physics ( He also served as the keynote speaker in the fifth international conference on natural resources and sustainable environmental management organized by Near East University Civil Engineering Department in 2021 on issues related to water treatment and valuable resource recycling ( Having been deemed worthy of numerous refereeing and referee awards, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oladipo ( offers undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS & PhD) courses at EMU Chemistry Department.


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