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Physics Department's Research Topics

Theoretical Physics Lab: Quantum Gravity & Cosmology

Exact Solutions of the Relativistic Wave Equations
Hawking Radiation of particles with any spin number from Black Holes
Black Hole Physics: Higher and Low Dimensions, Perturbations, Stability, Quasinormal Modes, Quantization of Area/Entropy etc.
Geodesics and Chaos
Quantum Tunneling
Information Theory
Astrophysical Clouds (Scalar, Electromagnetic etc.)
Colliding Plane Waves
Cosmic Strings

Deformation of lipid-membrane / bilayer: A differential-geometry overview
Two-dimensional curved biological surfaces: an ab initio investigation
Collision of spherically-symmetric thin-shells in general relativity: a numerical approach
Cylindrical thin-shells and their stability in general relativity: A generic approach
Ab initio study of the deformed thin-shells in general relativity
A generalization for the Israel junction conditions: From Einstein to Weyl gravity
Einstein-Yang-Mills theory in 3+1- and higher dimensions

Exact solutions to Einstein equations,
Gravitational waves, 
Theories of black holes 

Gravitational Lensing, Shadow casting.
Cosmological models with Nonlinear electrodynamics, Inflation.
Thin-shell Wormholes and Lorentzian Wormholes.
Hawking Radiation, Quasinormal Modes, Greybody factors.
Geodesic, Black holes as particle accelerators.
Thermodynamics with Lambda, P-V Criticality, Holographic Superconductors.
Quantum complexity inside black holes;  Action Growth Rates, Quantum Entanglement.
Bumblebee model of gravity, Gauss-Bonnet gravity, Symmergent gravity, f(R) gravity, Cosmic strings, Global monopole.

Hawking Radiation
Quasinormal Modes
Greybody Factor
AdS/CFT Correspondence
Holographic Superconductors
Black Branes
Black Holes


Massive gravity
Born-Infeld gravity
Higher derivatives gravity theories


Theoretical physics or mathematical physics.
General relativity, gravitational waves.
Classical and quantum singularities. 
Black holes.
Functional analysis.
Topology and differential geometry.


Physics around a wormhole
A Review on thin-shell wormholes
Stability of thin-shells and thin-shell wormholes in Rainbow-Gravity
Thin-shells and thin-shell wormholes in f(R) gravity

Quantum Physics Lab

Position-dependent mass Lagrangians: nonlocal transformations, Euler-Lagrange invariance and exact solvability
Classical and quantum position-dependent mass
Nonlinear dynamics of a position-dependent mass
Non-Hermitian PT-symmetyric and Hermitian Hamiltonians

Quantum Theory
Quantum Computing
Electronic Structure of Macro-Molecules
Dynamic Systems – Chaos
Non-Newtonian Calculi
Computational Physics
Quantum Tunneling
Quantum Cryptography
Time dependent phenomena in Quantum Mechanics

Experimental Physics Lab

Liquid Crystals
Phase Transitions

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