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Chairman's Statement

The Departments of Physics and Chemistry of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) have created an outstanding environment within which to pursue an PhD, MS, and BS degrees in Physics and Chemistry fields. We have assembled, and are continuing to assemble, a faculty of outstanding educators and first-rate researchers in several fields of Physics and Chemistry. We have strong graduate programs, not only in the areas of Physics [gravitation, astroparticle physics, quantum mechanics, experimental physics (liquid crystals) quantum gravity, statistical physics, computational physics,  condensed matter] and Chemistry (organic and inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry,  photovoltaic, polymers, physiochemistry, and analytical chemistry), but in such interdisciplinary fields as biology, pharmacy, and medicine.



Founded in 1986, the Departments are old enough to have had some major accomplishments (received the most number of TÜBİTAK projects, one of the departments in the university with the most publications per person), but young enough to be forward-looking. Among the existed universities in Cyprus, we are the first Physics and Chemistry departments. We always incorporate modern teaching methods into the regular curriculum. In addition to the experimental research groups (polymer research group, organic reserach group, physical chemistry research group, and polymer group) in Chemistry department,  we have created theory groups in Physics such as gravitation, cosmology, quantum and biophysics that are highly interactive. We have been continuously working on to develop new undergraduate, graduate, and research laboratories for educational quality and scientific production.

This brief welcome message offers a short guide to the academic community that is our departments. If you are interested in the EMU Departments of Physics and Chemistry as a potential graduate or are simply curious about our educational and research activities, I invite you to explore this website in more detail.

The joy of discovering new ideas and contributing to the science has no counterpart in any other enterprise.


Prof. Dr. İzzet SAKALLI

Chair of Physics and Chemistry Departments

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