BS in Chemistry and Physics Double Major

Physics and Chemistry Double Major 

Double Major

The aim of this by-law is to determine the principles of an educational program of getting another undergraduate diploma from the same department or another department in EMU for students who have successful academic performance in their registered undergraduate programs.

In this by-law; “First Major Program” refers to the undergraduate program of a student’s registered department.

“Second Major Program” means the undergraduate program of the second department that students want to get the second undergraduate diploma in addition to the first diploma.

“Double-major Program” refers to the educational program formed as a combination of the first and the second major programs, giving students the chance of receiving the first and the second major program diplomas at the same time.

Please read Rules and Regulations for more information.

Courses to be taken by a Chemistry Student from Physics Curriculum

Full Course TitleCourse CategoryCreditPre-req.ECTS
342732PHYS209Waves and Optics LaboratoryAC0301 6
342733PHYS215Waves and OpticsAC2002 6
442741PHYS212Mathematical PhysicsAC4014 8
442742PHYS321Classical Mechanics - IAC3003 6
442744PHYS204Modern PhysicsAC4014 8
542751PHYS222Electromagnetic TheoryAC3003PHYS1026
542752PHYS352Quantum Mechanics - IAC3003 6
642761PHYS452Quantum Mechanics - IIAC3003PHYS3528
742771PHYS331Statistical PhysicsAC3003 8
742772PHYS483Solid State Physics - IAC3003 8
842781PHYS400ProjectAC4004 10
842782PHYS472Nuclear and Particle PhysicsAC3003 8
Total Credits (a minimum of 36 is required)36
Total ECTS88


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